English 122NW: Narratives of War

UC Santa Barbara, Winter 2012


  • Some of the material we will discuss in this course will be available online; the links are all included on our syllabus. If you need access to a computer, you may visit our Transcriptions studio in the English department (SH 2509) for your reading and/or game playing. The Transcriptions RA will hold regular drop-in hours throughout the term; these will be posted on the door.
  • Films assigned for the course will be on reserve in Kerr Hall learning lab the day after our screening. All three screenings will be in LSB 1001, starting at 7:00pm.
  • Note that the “recommended readings” sections will develop throughout the quarter. At times they will be quite extensive: these mini-bibliographies will provide context for some of the primary readings, lectures, and class discussion. The general equivalent in print culture would be the headnote in an anthology. Some of the links will be used as illustrations in lecture and will appear in our “class notes” sub-pages.
  • As you work on the assignments for this course, you should be particularly mindful of plagiarism and copyright violation. Every external source that you use must be appropriately cited in your work. For web sources, a link to the original site is the bare minimum for citation; you should also note the author and name of the website. If you are in doubt about whether or not you need citations, you might consult a CLAS tutor or this online guide. Note that UCSB has explicit policies about academic integrity.
  • All assignments for this course must be completed on time in order to receive a passing grade. Papers must be submitted to your TAs in hard copy only. There will be no incompletes.

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